Writings from The Underground

A Consise Biography of the Life and Times of michealodwyer26

16 year old Irish programmer, musician and idealistic realist. That's about it, read the rest only if you're curious!

Because of my age, one might infer I am a secondary school student, or "high school" student which is true, I just finished 5th Year (the penultimate year). My sister introduced me to programming when I was about 9, and I learned a little Python but that was about the end of that story for a while. Even though I liked it and found it interesting, it wasn't until I saw a T.V. show, Mr. Robot, which essentially glorified programming that I decided to revisit it. That was about 2 and a half years ago, and naturally I went back to Python and learned enough to program simple games and whatnot. I learned Java later on for game development too since the libraries written for it were simply better. I guess I'm interested in game development because like almost everyone born in my generation, video games were an important part of my childhood. I loved Nintendo specifically and I can't help but feel nostalgic for those games. So, I guess there's some appeal in becoming the person pulling the strings behind the scenes. These days, I'm learning Rust, a systems programming langauge. Later on down the line, I hope to study Computer Science in U.C.C.

When I was young, about 9 or 10, I used to take lessons for classical piano, but I got bored of that after a year or two. Later on, I saw one of my mates playing a tune called "Rumble" by Link Wray, and I got inspired to start playing myself! Bought the same cheap Yamaha Stratocaster rip-off as him, and went to the same teacher he had. Luckily, that teacher was exceptionally talented and experienced so I learned a thing or two. When I started out, I used to mainly play covers, but I don't really learn songs anymore. These days, I mainly write music, improvise guitar solos, and study music theory. I also love recording music as well, even though I basically own no equipment for it, I only ever bought a program called ezDrummer to make drum tracks. Later on, I'd love to record some music professionally, but that's probably a bit far-fetched for now!