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As you might guess, this page contains some links to the other sites I am active on, along with a brief description of what I usually do in each of these places.

Stack Overflow

profile for Micheal O'Dwyer at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

You can find me on Stack Overflow, under the username "Micheal O'Dwyer". I mainly just cast votes, edit posts, and do review tasks, however, sometimes I'll comment on, or answer, questions tagged "pygame", "libgdx", "java", or "python".


You can find me on GitHub, under the username "michealodwyer26". When I have time, I work on the few peojects I have, and I often star cool repos I come across.


You can find me on Spotify, under the username "michealodwyer26".


You can reach me on Discord pretty easily. I'm on the "libgdx" and "pygame" servers, currently with the "michealodwyer26" username, and the nickname "Moebius". The link is an invite to the "libgdx" server.