Writings from The Underground

A Compilation of All My Somewhat Interesting Projects

This is that section of the website which is dedicated to informing you of the existence of some of my favourite projects. I preface this section by stating that most of these projects are discontinued in their development, and are, unfortunately, unlikely to be continued, in the future. My only reason is that I am distracted by "bigger" and "better" things these days. I am not chasing the almighty Euro, nor do I need to get over 90% in every test in school, but even so, time is money.

Disclaimer: If any party reading the following is allergic to programming, coding, "doing the codes" or "doing his own thing on the computer", I kindly guide you to move away from your device screen, with caution, and call an ambulance. I instruct you to do so for fear that you may come into close contact with source code in the GitHub repos that I have linked to below. Thou have been warned. (To any non-programmers: programming is actually easier than it looks, in the same way long division seemed impossible to us, as 7 year olds. But make sure you never tell any programmers this big secret, because they might get angry and throw nerd paraphernalia at you. Thou have been warned, for a second time.)

With that out of the way, please have a look below!

The Legend of The Golden Arches

This is my current distraction, when the world, and I, allow myself to be in such a state. "The Golden Arches" is a 2D, R.P.G game, written in Java, using the LibGDX framework. I would estimate the project to be about 70% completed, in its development. I planned to finish the game in the summer of 2018, however, that's getting more, and more unlikely, with each passing day.

The game is heavily inspired by outsanding games, from the Zelda, and Pokémon series of RPG games. The art used reflects that of the art used in games such as Pokémon. All that is left to do is complete the world by adding a dungeon, along with a boss fight, and finish off implementing the storyline. Aside from other small additions and touch-ups, I could call the game "done", and be able to sleep at night, knowing that I haven't told a big lie.

This is my favourite project, and is the one that I consider to be most interesting to you. You might have a bit of fun playing the game, in its current state. Here is a link to the GitHub repo . There, you can view the source code, and find instructions on downloading, and playing the game, which is quite simple, provided you have Java installed, on your computer.


"JavaPONG" is my attempt at creating a "PONG clone". It's a no-frills, straight up way to enjoy the classic 1970s arcade game, on your computer. Like "The Golden Arches", the game is written in Java, using the LibGDX framework. This was my first project which was written in Java, and my first which used the LibGDX framework. I finished adding in all the features I wanted to, in August 2017, shortly after I began it. Of course, there are many things which could be added in, but, as I said, time's money.

Like "The Golden Arches", this game can be downloaded from its GitHub repo which has all the source code, and similar instructions on downloading, and playing the game.

Cool Dragons

Cool Dragons was one of the first projects I started, when I began programming again, in the spring of 2017. "Cool Dragons" is a text-based R.P.G. game, written in Python 3. I had started the game to utilize the basics of Python that I had learned in months leading up to its initiation. I finished adding in most of the gameplay way back when, but I had a good time converting the code from Python 2 to Python 3, along with a code cleaning.

In the future, I may consider adding in more gameplay, and perhaps a full inventory system, story, etc. I say this, because I find it quite fun to develop, due to the simplicity of the code base. Like the others, all code can be viewed, and downloaded from its GitHub repo . To run the game, you must have Python 3 installed. More details can be found at the landing page of the repo.